Please kokua today to help Marissa become YOUR new Lieutenant Governor in 2018!

Marissa Kerns will take on the special interests to lower your cost of living.

A Message to You from Marissa Kerns

Aloha! I’m Marissa Kerns and I wish to serve as your next lieutenant governor.

Every single day for four years, I pledge to use the office of LG to take on the special interests to lower your cost of living. I’ll actively help the governor and state legislature identify all the parts of state government which need to be fixed; especially where inefficiency, ineffectiveness, waste, fraud and abuse are costing you money through artificially higher prices and higher taxes.

Why is this important? Because the quality of life in Hawaii has been getting steadily worse thanks to do-nothing career politicians and their rigged policies which enrich their cronies at the expense of consumers and taxpayers. Politicians are forced to admit that our kids have extremely limited job opportunities and a staggeringly high cost of living. So, they’re leaving and never coming back.

I will faithfully represent Hawaii taxpayers. Nobody else. As recent audits have proven, failure and gross mismanagement is rampant in state government and corruption is booming in Hawaii politics. Let me be your whistleblower and your fighter.  Mahalo!

Yours truly,